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Why Visit Paquera Costa Rica


A lost jewel known as Paquera Costa Rica

The Nicoya Peninsula has some of the more beautiful and  pristine coast within Costa Rica, many are basically un-touched.

The beautiful town of Paquera at the southern end of the peninsula Nicoya  is commonly visited by people  who are taking a ferry Paquera, But this city is also ideal for those wishing to experience the real Tico life.

Paquera City and Business

Paquera town is well known as a producer of many fruits and vegetables, like mango, Papaya, melon, due to weather and ideal along the coast location. Although the community as a whole is relatively small.

Tourist Attractions,  are  Ferry Tambor, Curu, Organos Beach, Playa Pajaros, Cabins, Hotels and Local Services to explore.

Organos Beach at Paquera

3 minutes from Paquera town is the beautiful  beach of Playa organos. Surrounded by forest and along Turtle Island, Turtle island beach is a must adventure day when visiting Paquera. as calm waters make this a nice place to swim and relax.

Punta Cuchillo Paquera

Punta Cuchillo Paquera, Punta Cuchillo is a fishing village situated around 9 kilometers from Paquera Downtown, there you can enjoy the beauty beach and mountains in a community that is well known itself by its cordiatily to tourists.

From Punta Cuchillo you can see Cedros Island and Jesusita island, there  In Punta Cuchillo are cabins restaurants and camping sites, Tours are available, Boats, Fishing, horseback-ridden.

Turtle Island Tour from Paquera

Top tourism destination belongs to paquera, The white sand beach is perfect for just relaxing Tours Activities to do in Paquera, this island is most notable for diving and snorkeling. Dolphins, stingrays, angelfish and you can see the water out here, and three shipwrecks that have served as a habitat for, Turtle island is just 15 minutes from Organos Beach. more info

Valle Azul just 6.4 km to Paquera

 Valle Azul just 6.4 km to Paquera

The rural village of Valle Azul is around 5 milometers is small but it is important an entrance point to the hidden Beaches, of Blanca, Murcielago, Muertos, Ventana and Cocos idyllic spots, perfectly for resting and relaxation.

Curu National Wildlife Refuge Paquera Costa rica

Curu has tropical dry forest, mangroves and marine areas, so it is not surprising that species that reside here are diverse. More than 230 bird species have been seen here and include scarlet macaws, woodpeckers and hawks laughing.Mammal species living here include howler monkeys, ocelots, pumas, ocelots, anteaters, otters and more.

Pochote is situated 12 km from Paquera

Pochote is situated 12 km from Paquera 

Pochote is is about 14 km west of Paquera there you will find  Pochote Beach which is suitable for swimming since the sea is relative calm and the beach is completely, Renting a boat tour to the estuary and mangroves, The scenery is very impressive, there are Cabins, supermarket, pool tables, and restaurants.

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Tambor is 18.5 Km from Paquera town

Tambor Beach is one of the most important beaches of the gulf of Nicoya Is a few minutes away from Paquera  and is a great destination for quiet beach with several luxury resorts to choose from. In addition, there are several activities within the region for those who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Montezuma 31 km from Paquera Waterfalls and Nightlife

Montezuma with beautifull forest and the most famous Waterfalls of the gulf Of Nicoya, one of the waterfalls is just 30 minutes only walking you can get to this amazing waterfalls the other one is more far in fact is a little more than an hour , Montezuma is very well known for it nightlife is a place for party at night on this place are many tourist places Hotels, Camps, Discotheque, Supermarkets, Restaurants

Santa Teresa and Manzanillo a Swimming Beach just from Paquera 43.8 km

The beach is good for swimming and surfing the is very tourism Beach so you can find Hotels, Restaurants, Bars,  some camping places.

Cobano 30.5 Km from Paquera

This is  the most important Business City for the following Beaches of Montezuma, Cabuya, Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, and Manzanillo, is the place to stop if you need to go to the Banks, Cabins, Restaurants, Bars, Supermarkets, and others shop-store,  Taxis Buses Social Security Clinic, Post Office,  Gas Station some repairs shop, and so much more, read here for local restaurants

Cabuya Costa Rica 39.8 Km from Paquera

Cabuya offers Cabins Discotheque Restaurants,Horse tours, Absolute Nature Reserve Cabo Blanco One of the most important attractions on the gulf of Nicoya just located 2 km from Cabuya.

Mal Pais the Surfing Beach 47.4 Km from Paquera

Mal Pais beach is well known as one of the best surfing beaches in Costa Rica, lot of surfers come to this beach just to spend some good time on the waves

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