Bioluminescent Tour

Bioluminescent Best Spot in gulf of nicoya

Bioluminescent Kayak Tour 

This unique phenomenon of biolomuninces, at the gulf of nicoya can be seen every evening the bioluminescent plankton is so abundant that with just the kayak paddles, you will see the light up as you go creating waves, just like fireworks.

See the amazing boluminescense at your first paddle, is a unique tour on the region, do not missed, this night tour will fascinate you with the experience of the bioluminescent Organism.

Come enjoy the visible light that, living creatures made, also know as bioluminescense, and help us to better describe this fascinated tour at Punta cuchillo Paquera.

Dont misss the mystical experience and book it now.

Bioluminescent Kayak Tour Details:

Durations:Sea Kayak (sit-inside individual kayaks) safery equipment and a multi-lingual guide.
Bring: wear shoes and clothes to get wet. plus a flash light.
Price $30 per person (minimum 4 persons) $35 per person (2,3 persons)

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