San Lucas Island  is located off the Pacific shore of Costa Rica in the Gulf of Nicoya. it is now a National Park. San Lucas Island  was once home to this  infamous Alcatraz Prison Colony , of course, it is a national wildlife refuge and a tourist destination today.

This is a tour guided, providing the stories and information about the prision and prioners, after the tour you will be able to walk on the trails to get on the wonderful sandy beaches, that are sorounding the island,  of course we provide food and drinks as well .

San Lucas Island Tour Details:
Durations: 4 to 6 hours Capacity: 12 per boat Includes Boat tour, Multi-lingual guide, snacks, and drinks.
Price $60 per person (minimum 4 persons) $70 per person (2,3 persons),Price per person also the entry fee: foreigners $12, and  residents $4

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