Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour Costa Rica

The waters of Costa Rica are home to dozens of species of marine mammals, including Bottlenose dolphin, and humpback whale.
Dolphins live in social groups. These groups are called pods and are normally groups of 2-15. Bottle nose dolphins often are escorting small vessels in any excursion at sea. their Scientific name: is Tursiops, about the Food : they eat a wide variety of fish, shrimp, squids, and other crustaceans.They hunt in pods so that it makes it easier to catch their food. They do this by circling a school of fish, and taking turns knocking out the fish with their tails so that they can be caught and eaten. They eat about 5% of their body weight a day, 8% if they are pregnant.
Did you know that Costa Rica has the longale see in the season humpback of the world. This species of whale just immigrated to this country when it comes to winter in Antarctica among August to December, Humpback migrate to tropocal waters like in Costa Rica from both hemisperes within the gulf of Nicoya are mostly coming from the Arctic Ocean from August throgh December,

Gulf of Nicoya Whale and Dolphin Whatching Tour

The changes to observe whales and dolphins are high, but we can not guaranteed as they move big distances daily. But please remenber that this is not only a Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour, you will see the beautiful surroundings of the gulf of Nicoya and its islands , we may be able to see some sea turtles, manta rays, fish eagles and many amazing wildlife in this beautiful waters of the Pacific of Costa Rica, this tour is avalailable only from August throgh December.

Whale and Dolphin Tours info:

Durations: 3 to 4 hours Capacity: 12 per boat Includes Boat tour, Multi-lingual guide, snacks, and drinks.

Price $65 per person (minimum 4 persons) $75 per person (2,3 persons)

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