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Travel information, Learn about Paquera Costa Rica

Paquera is best known to travelers as the place where the ferry lands from Puntarenas. The vast majority of tourists do not pass through Paquera on Montezuma, Santa Teresa or Tambor. This is probably because the beaches are generally more beautiful in these cities and, of course, the waves are better.

However, Paquera has a lot to offer. Its calm waters are ideal for sea kayaking and boating. There are some large swampy mangrove areas, many beautiful beaches where it is possible to swim at any time. There are waterfalls, national parks and magnificent wildlife reserves. The oceans here are united to life, so fishing is excellent.

A lost jewel known as
Paquera Costa Rica

The Nicoya Peninsula has some of the more beautiful and pristine coasts within Costa Rica; many are untouched.

The beautiful town of Paquera at the southern end of the peninsula Nicoya is commonly visited by people who are taking a ferry Paquera, But this city is also ideal for those wishing to experience the real Tico life.

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Bioluminescent Tour

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Tortuga Island, Norkeling, Kayak, Bioluminescent Kayak Tour, Waterfall el Salto Rio Grande, SportFishing, Isla San Lucas check out the best activities available.

A lost jewel known as Paquera Costa Rica

The Nicoya Peninsula has some of the more beautiful and pristine coasts within Costa Rica, many are basically untouched.

The beautiful town of Paquera at the southern end of the peninsula Nicoya is commonly visited by people who are taking a ferry Paquera, But this city is also ideal for those wishing to experience the real Tico life.

Paquera City and Business

Paquera town is well known as a producer of many fruits and vegetables, like mango, Papaya, melon, due to weather and ideal along the coast location. Although the community as a whole is relatively small.

Tourist Attractions,  are  Ferry Tambor, Curu, Organos Beach, Playa Pajaros, Cabins, Hotels and Local Services to explore.

Organos Beach at Paquera

3 minutes from Paquera town is the beautiful  beach of Playa organos. Surrounded by forest and along Turtle Island, Turtle island beach is a must adventure day when visiting Paquera. as calm waters make this a nice place to swim and relax.

Punta Cuchillo Paquera

Punta Cuchillo Paquera, Punta Cuchillo is a fishing village situated around 9 kilometers from Paquera Downtown, there you can enjoy the beauty beach and mountains in a community that is well known itself by its cordiatily to tourists.

From Punta Cuchillo you can see Cedros Island and Jesusita island, there  In Punta Cuchillo are cabins restaurants and camping sites, Tours are available, Boats, Fishing, horseback-ridden.

Paquera a real paradise 

Paquera CostaRica a real paradise with all amenities such as gas stations, Internet, water, food clothing, banks, pharmacies, fruits vegetables of the region, as well Beaches, Island, Boats, Tours all Adventure awaits for you here, do not Wait more and come to enjoy alive.

Tambor is 18.5 Km from Paquera town

Tambor Beach is one of the most important beaches of the Gulf of Nicoya Is a few minutes away from Paquera and is a great destination for a quiet beach with several luxury resorts to choose from. In addition, there are several activities within the region for those who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Mal Pais the Surfing Beach 47.4 Km from Paquera

Mal Pais beach is well known as one of the best surfing beaches in Costa Rica, lot of surfers come to this beach just to spend some good time on the waves

Montezuma 31 km from Paquera Waterfalls and Nightlife

Montezuma with beautiful forest and the most famous Waterfalls of the Gulf Of Nicoya, one of the waterfalls is just 30 minutes only walking you can get to this amazing waterfalls the other one is farther, in fact, is a little more than an hour, Montezuma is very well known for it nightlife is a place for party at night on this place are many tourist places Hotels, Camps, Discotheque, Supermarkets, Restaurants

Cabuya Costa Rica 39.8 Km from Paquera

Cabuya offers Cabins Discotheque Restaurants, Horse tours, Absolute Nature Reserve Cabo Blanco One of the most important attractions on the Gulf of Nicoya just located 2 km from Cabuya.

Cobano 30.5 Km from Paquera

This is  the most important Business City for the following Beaches of Montezuma, Cabuya, Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, and Manzanillo, is the place to stop if you need to go to the Banks, Cabins, Restaurants, Bars, Supermarkets, and others shop-store,  Taxis Buses Social Security Clinic, Post Office,  Gas Station some repairs shop, and so much more, read here for local restaurants

Santa Teresa and Manzanillo a Swimming Beach just from Paquera 43.8 km

The beach is good for swimming and surfing the is very tourism Beach so you can find Hotels, Restaurants, Bars,  some camping places.

Good Reasons to visit  Paquera

The best part, for many, is that the influence of foreign tourists is much less present here, so you will have a much more real sense of the authentic “real” Costa Rica, as happened there are dozens of years ago. they will go to the United States, Canada, and Europe. The potted cultures of Moctezuma and Santa Teresa are wonderful in their own way, but not everyone looks for it.

Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

Bioluminescence Kayak Tour



Isla Tortuga Fullday Adventure

Isla Tortuga Fullday Adventure

Pura Vida Paquera 

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