Montezuma Town

Montezuma Town Costa RicaThe town is very small but have lot of Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, it has a Bank and a couple of Tour Operator,  Montezuma is a  a place for Party, surfing, Swimming the attractions are Montezuma Waterfall, Nightlife and surfing spot nearby as Mal Pais, you can move from Jaco to Montezuma and from Montezuma to Jaco in less that one hour taking the Taxi Boat for $ 40 or you can get from the main entry point which is Paquera by taking the Ferry Paquera.


Montezuma is well known for it Nightlife Party

It is a favorite of juvenile spirits seeking to attend its courses, relaxed game. Vibe relaxed afternoon transitions to a more optimistic city festival , residents and visitors had time to recharge after a day in the sun. For a small town , nightlife is exceptional with many bars and small clubs to dance the night away . Also notable fine dining restaurants welcome Montezuma. Visitors will find many vegetarian options , and despite the location of the Pacific Rim, Mediterranean dishes are a feature of Montezuma.

Surfing and Swimming Beach area

Montezuma Beach


Montezuma Beach is the white sand adventurous for travelers at south of the Nicoya Peninsula, the beach outside the city to the north, and is recommended for swimming and beach-loafing, due to potential contamination in Montezuma Bay location. This beach is the gateway to many of the best places in Montezuma, as a series of beautiful beaches that follow, listed in the order in which it is if you start walking north from here: On the beach This is really a beautiful place, and a lot of fun to explore the area.I doubt there is anywhere in Costa Rica with a variety of natural beauty in such a small space.


The Walking Place

Montezuma WaterFalls

At the end of the beach you can find a clue to the jungle to cross the rocky point. This will come in Colorado Piedra, a beautiful walk of 15 minutes and a favorite place for many people, tourists and locals walk with their children to play on small waterfall there. carved stone oven Piedra Colorada, Montezuma This entire area was inhabited by hundreds or even thousands of years, as it has several sources of fresh water and is ridiculously beautiful. Primitive peoples have seen and enjoyed in the area, as we do today. The result is that there are many rumors and legends about the cemeteries, old cemeteries, Indian artifacts, ghosts, treasures of gold, etc. that they are hidden in the hills and caves in the area. The beach itself is steep and can have very large waves breaking over him. There are also a lot of rocks, and dangerous when the waves are big. Be very careful here. A beach is much safer Playa Grande, but it is a 30-40 minute walk north.

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