Ferry Schedule Playa Naranjo to Puntarenas CR to connect with the road 160 Please be aware that we are not part of the ferry company but we provide usefull information as how to move in the area and we Provide Land Transfer.

The only way to get the ticket online is by going to Conatamar.com

Ferry Schedule Playa Naranjo Puntarenas CRYou can enjoy the bar disco outdoors while traveling in the Gulf of Nicoya drinking a beer relaxing listen to music and enjoy the amazing view the sunset or sunrise spectacular definitely is worth living it the trips last 1:15 minutes nowadays the ferry has the option that you can buy the ticket online so people can make sure they will have a ticket for them if they buy online.


Monday to Sunday  Ferry Schedule Playa Naranjo Puntarenas

From Playa NaranjoFrom Puntarenas

Rates Ferry Playa Naranjo Puntarenas

ATV & Tricycles¢6.000
Light Vehicle¢9.000
Light-duty vehicle¢14.000
Vehicle (2 axle)¢19.000
Vehicle (3 axle)¢24.000
Vehicle (4|5 axle)¢39.000

New Tax started  July 1st, 2019, the rates for each vehicle include an extra IVA 13% (added value tax). however, The person tickets (adults, children, and citizens of gold = older than 65 years) do not pay this tax.

SAN LUCAS I,  has the Capacity for 350 meanwhile SAN LUCAS II has Capacity of 650 both ferries have the following: Hall: A/C, bar & disco outdoors, estaurant, Security Equipment & actualized Navigation Sistem, meets the requirements of Costa Rica legislation for the protection of human life at sea, Animals are allowed.

Ferry San Lucas Playa Naranjo

Ferry Schedule Playa Naranjo to Puntarenas CR is used by a lot of people traveling to the destinations in the Gulf of Nicoya basically Tourists, and residents that have as destination Jicaral, Lepanto, Cabo Blanco, San Pedro, Coyote, Canjel as well Dominical.

Playa Naranjo Ferry  Tips in Holidays

Holy Week in Costa Rica Travelers should check if the ferry is giving services during this time normally the ferry is not giving the service on Friday of the Holy Week , the reason is that lot of people are already on the beach enjoying by that time, and during the Holy Week you can expect a lot of people to take the ferry for Saturday and Sunday so you should be there within 3 or 4 hours in advance.

Long weekend in Costa Rica is called when a Friday or Monday is a Holiday, so at of families take that opportunity to go on vacation so if your planning to travel and is a long Weekend please make sure to make the reservation in advance and the last day of the Long Weekend you can expect driving delays and ferries delays as well.

Weather conditions can cause the ferry closed.

Weather conditions can cause the ferry closed for a specific schedule even for a day so if this happens, please be aware that you have other options to move.

If your heading to Puntarenas you can take the Ferry Tambor the more it can take is two hours.
Another Option is taken a trip by road through La Amistad bridge, which takes up to six hours.

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