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Canopy Tour Montezuma
Waterfall Montezuma
Sun Trail Canopy Tour
Canopy Tour Montezuma Waterfall Montezuma Sun Trail Canopy Tour

Canopy and waterfall Adventure

 $56.16  P/P

Enjoy the forest comfortably on a revitalizing and nature filled trail on our trails. A reserve populated by wild species in their natural habitat that will allow you to meet the roots of the human species.

Waterfall and Canopy Montezuma

Canopy or Ziplane tour in Montezuma very closed to Santa Teresa An exciting circuit with 9 cables spread over 13 platforms will take you through the Moctezuma Mountains. In the air, you will enjoy the adrenaline and admire the richness of Costa Rica’s wildlife from panoramic views, with the Pacific Ocean in the foreground.

Canopy Ziplane Tour Montezuma Santa Teresa is the intense zip line experience, and you’ll see howler monkeys, capuchins, parrots, iguanas and more. In addition, you will visit famous waterfalls where you can take pictures or swim in the natural pools found in the waterfalls.

Please be aware that on this tour your will be taken to the waterfall from the air, there you will have 30 minutes to swim on the waterfall, and then you can continue the zipplane tour.

Besides this you can take the trails on the park, some people take advante on this tour to walk thru the forest of the area and an enjoy of the type of forest that we have on this part of the area.

Price $45 per Person included Water bottle. Guide.

it is also incloded to walk thru the par

Schedule available  are everyday:  9:00 am 13:00 pm 15:00 pm.

For this tour We recomended the following.

Pay attention to the tour guide and  the instructions.

The correct position will be essential to get the most of this tour.

Use closed shoes for this activity.
Use repelent.

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