Playa Naranjo to Paquera Paved Road 160

No more  Road Closures the road 160 is easy to move from Liberia to Paquera, Montezuma, Santa Teresa, with this new road. People can come easy to Paquera and Mal Pais, Tambor, area by this road 160, or by taking the ferry Playa Naranja or by the Ferry Paquera.

Playa Naranjo Rio Grande y Paquera was waiting for this road long ago. Now we can receive more tourism now more activities are offered by locals on the beaches of the area.

Ways to get to Paquera, Tambor Montezuma, by the Ferry Tambor, Ferry Paquera or by the Road 160 Playa Naranjo Paquera has never been so easy so come and visit us, Our most famous tour in Paquera is Bioluminescent-kayak-tour

We provide Transfer in the region from Liberia to Montezuma and Santa Teresa.

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