Sand Sculpture Contest Manzanillo Puntarenas

Sand Sculpture Contest Manzanillo Puntarenas yearly host, the sand castle contest, which takes place every  year, this 2019 will be on abril 28th.

This year 2019 we will have a main theme, the participants can make their sculpture in reference to pollution and environmental damage or they can make a sculpture with any other theme, being clear that the Judges will allocate a certain percentage of the qualification to that it is allusive to the main topic.

Aspects to qualify  According to the main theme: Marine contamination * Degree of complexity * Creativity * Decorative elements * Management of the technique.

At 11:00 a.m., the Competition will start or they can start earlier if they require it. In the course of the afternoon the Judges will pass qualifying each of the works and at 4:00 pm the results will be announced in the Concert and Chinamos area. This year will not be charged any value for the registration this in order that each year more and more people choose to be part of this beautiful tradition of our community that brings so much value to society

The award will be as follows:

First place: 100,000 colones

Second place: 70,000 colones

Third place: 40,000 colones

We hope that this year we can count on many groups of friends, groups of children and entire families participating in this expected competition.


Do you have anyquestion Please let us know:  WhatsApp+506 6156-6829

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